We Are Legion begins its theatrical run amid positive reviews

October 22, 2012

We Are Legion kicked off its theatrical run in New York, Los Angeles, & Montreal last Friday. At the same time, We Are Legion screened as part of the official selection in The Philadelphia Film Festival, Bermuda Docs & Moscow’s 2-in-1 International Film Festival.

On Friday & Saturday in NYC, Writer/Director Brian Knappenberger was joined by film participants Gregg Housh, PokeAnon, Sethdood, & Vendetta for panel discussions following the screenings. Knappenberger was also on-hand for a packed screening in Los Angeles on Sunday.

Since We Are Legion‘s theatrical run has begun, positive reviews have been flooding in from major news outlets. IMDB reported, “The end of 2012 is getting crowded with potential Best Documentary Oscar contenders, including Brian Knappenberger’s look into the ideologies and actions of the Anonymous collective…” The New York Times said, “The film is most illuminating in showing how democratic practice can still find a new voice and innovative means with each generation. The fascinating efforts of Anonymous can be messy, but so are many freedoms when asserted so boldly.” The Los Angeles Times said the documentary was “a tale of digital power-tripping both exhilarating and terrifying” and the Village Voice called it “a strange and amorphous moral awakening” and a “fascinating, incisive social history of the online network known as Anonymous…”

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