Two Operation Payback Hackers Sentenced In U.K.


More than two years after Anonymous brought down the websites of MasterCard, Visa and PayPal, a court in the U.K. has handed down its first jail terms to two people who were accused of aiding in the high-profile hack. The sentencing came just months before some of the founding members of LulzSec are set to face charges in London for a series of hacks the group reportedly masterminded.

Christopher Weatherhead, 22, was sentenced to 18 months in prison, while Ashley Rhodes, 28, was sentenced to 7 months in late January, for using their home computers to launch DDoS attacks as part of Operation Payback.

According to Forbes, Judge Peter Testar told Weatherhead and Ashley during the sentencing that it was“intolerable that when an individual or a group disagrees with a particular entity’s activities, they should be free to curtail that activity by means of attacks such as those which took place in this case.”

Another defendant, Peter Gibson, was slapped with a 6-month sentence, suspended for 2 years, reports the BBC.


32 thoughts on “Two Operation Payback Hackers Sentenced In U.K.

  1. How else are people supposed to defend themselves. Big corps and their gvmt buddies pay the police, pay the armies? If average people gathered, even $5.00 / month to support our own police (peace keepers), military then it would be n even playing field. HEY Wait! average people are supporting their police and armies through “”"taxes”"”! Humm

  2. I wonder, if the courts were controlled by “real People” and not corps, maybe the “crimes alleged” would be medals instead?

  3. Anonymous are heroes!!! I sleep better at night knowing that the guardians of the digital age is watching over the evil polluting our world! As a participant of Flood Wall St., I solute you all. Thank you!

  4. love what your doing and am inspired to learn the real truth and to share this real truth, as pure and proper knowledge will help us the people to grow and create a more safer, stable and peaceful future. The people’s army and truth providers are ever growing But to make a real change we need to stand together whatever your beliefs, culture, gender or sexual orientation. We are weaker when we are divided, so lets stand together and stick up two fingers to the corporations who think they are in charge. Real freedom for the people!!!!!!

  5. More power to you! Well done Anonymous and thank you for standing up against the jihadi fascists. Freedom of speech is important and religious and secular fascists just hate it! The world feels a bit safer with you around!

  6. taxes are a lie first off. there is no fed or state law that says we have to pay income taxes. second they can get pissed off and put two kids in jail because apparent ly ” it was intolerable to disagree and make it known that you disagree… instead it’s sooo tolerable to let thousands of troops and tanks roll around in foreign countries. shit we have problems here with so called”attacks”. government perpetrated. ahem batman shooting cough. school shootings. but do we see fucking China invade us and take control trying to overpower regimes and shift the balance. nope. at least not yet. I hope russia nukes america. we deserve it. it’s the people’s fault. we let the government get this way being naive and ignorant about everything except our own freaking facebook.

  7. I am glad that Anonymous exists, and is watching out for us all. To all the members of Anonymous: Thank you.

  8. Dear annaymous pls install a hacking program in my phone ibsupport u guys yes we hve a freedom of speech

  9. Keep up the good work. The truth may be out there but the lies of the media hide it from the light of day

  10. Thank you anonymous for being the hero’s of this world I want to help out in any way I can please get in contact

  11. You guys are amazing my support 100% I use to be scared watch my son sleep while I couldn’t cause I’d be up watching the news you guys declaring war on isis I finally got a nights sleep thank you… go get them

  12. What If one with all becomes hitler reincarneted i will rule all of europe and bring back nazis and still be one with the anonymous. Knowledge Is Free. We Are Anonymous. We Are Legion. We Do Not Forgive. We Do Not Forget. Expect Us.

  13. ISIS will pay for what they have done to france and everything that they are planning to do to the rest of the world, we will find you we will put a stop to you, and we will end this either war or not.

  14. Beutifull words Nosense
    We have all the power they can´t controll us
    Muajajajajajjajaj xDDD

  15. When the bankers/ elite decide WE THE WORLD will become CASHLESS, which will happen sooner rather than later, they will have a glitch’ on their computers, when their computers go DOWN.. When none of us can use our cards, hence we will not be able to buy food, petrol, etc! Be aware! THEY COULD STARVE US OUT! I believe they will blame Anonymous for taking down the bankers computers. You can all see the headlines, can’t you? Not true!. By becoming a CASHLESS SOCIETY – WE THE PEOPLE ARE BEING SET UP. !

    Also, not many people know that this CASHLESS SOCIETY is going to happen. We need Anonymous to put out a video to WARN CITIZENS OF THE WORLD. Anon.

  16. can u help me, I got evidence against local council fraud ect goes deeper, I have been terrorised and victimised by them tried to get legal help and they posed as a solicitor to see if I gave away where evidence is, I am being monitored illegaly via my pc I have vpn now but they still seem to get info can u advise Thankyou

  17. I’m trying to see if you or whom ever put the news up about the body’s they found
    Yesterday I left you an Email. About pictures I found on a missing persons
    About pictures I found on Facebook. I have you my number my Email. I’m concern
    As why someone would post information on a missing person page. Please contact
    Me ASAP Not a Joke. Emergency

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