Barrett Brown Indicted on More Charges

Barrett Brown

Barrett Brown, a self-proclaimed spokesperson for Anonymous, has been indicted on federal charges for the third time in four months.

The latest charges, filed by Texas authorities in late January, alleged that the 31-year-old was hiding evidence during a raid on his apartment in March 2012.

Brown, who was interviewed extensively for We Are Legion: The Story of the Hacktivists, was arrested in September after a separate raid on his Dallas home that was captured live by a web camera. Brown was video chatting with several individuals at the time of the raid. The FBI action came on the heels of the release of a YouTube video, in which Brown threatened to “dox” an FBI Agent named Robert Smith.

Brown was charged with making internet threats, among other claims. In December, he was hit with a second round of charges for his alleged role in the Stratfor Global Intelligence hack.

Brown has been in jail since September. Jay Leiderman, a California-based attorney who has represented various hacktivists including Brown, told Brian Knappenberger, We Are Legion‘s director, that the charges are excessive.

“He’s now facing 100 years by my calculation. His crimes? Allegedly making YouTube videos, sharing a link and, now, hiding a laptop computer,” Leiderman said.

13 thoughts on “Barrett Brown Indicted on More Charges

  1. Before you know it, everybody will be dancing on the dance flooring and at their tables. This wayfarer glasses have already been about for a prolonged time and is definitely a favorite. Congratulations for being forward of the privateness curve.

  2. Hi my name is brownsuga.I do understand why are out here bring down government.I live in town that’s corrupted by police.that going around arrest convicted felony’s for know no reason.when server their time in prison that has change their lifestyle around. Are trying live peace life. Instead police are using their badges as a god.that’s destroying lives that they come cross.wish come to my town stop the corrupted police.give convicted felonys peace life. They would have to look over shoulder no more. One Love

  3. I think we’d all better get something through our foolish heads RIGHT now: The FBI, the NSA, the CIA, the ICAC, the TSA ( Homeland Security ), InterPol, and God only knows how many other super-powerful global police forces have ultra-secret, super-advanced “cyber technologies” that have never seen the light of day!!!! They are currently SCANNING the internet, ( 24-7!!!) particularly the DarkWeb! Nothing can escape their all seeing, all knowing surveillance. Anonymous members are being quietly rounded up by the THOUSANDS every year!!! They see and know everything you do and or say online, DarkWeb or NOT!!! If you want to know the full scope of what we dastardly “Freedomites” are “up against”, get a DVD set called “The Day The Dollar Died”, by Paul McGuire. This emerging global empire is massive and powerful beyond belief!!! It’s technologies are HUNDREDS OF YEARS more “advanced” than ANY known and available “civilian” technologies!!! Our computers are being “SCANNED” on a DAILY basis! They already know what you’re “doing” online, DarkWeb or NO! It’s called a cyber RECTAL EXAM, and we are “ALL” getting one on a DAILY basis!!! There really is “no escape!” Also read Bill Cooper’s book “Behold A Pale Horse.” And check out, while you still can. You will all too quickly come to realize that our “enemy” has won, and we have “LOST!”
    Those who recognize their need for God’s PROTECTION in these terrifying days are very fortunate. Start praying “Psalms 23 and 91″ every morning and every evening. You must understand that the ONLY hope of escaping the governmental nightmares we see going on all around us, is through Divine intervention!!! The “powers that be” are now so powerful, all knowing, and all seeing that there is absolutely NO possible way to effectively RESIST them! Try, and you will get brought up on bogus “child pornography” charges, along with everybody else! Does the hactivist group “Anonymous” still exist? Yes. But their “numbers” are rapidly dwindling as they continue to get “rounded up” by Law Enforcement! Many “Anonymous” members are also GETTING THE HELL OUT OF DODGE, and fleeing to the Phillipines!!!!
    I’m watching and waiting for the day “Alex Jones’ InfoWars show vanishes from the internet! When that happens, It will mean that they are now “rounding up” the SERIOUS heavy hitters of the “freedom movement!” When THAT happens, .. it is time to LEAVE!!!!

  4. We only “though’ we were “Anonymous.”
    We did NOT forgive.
    We did NOT forget!
    Unfortunately, they most definitely were “expecting” us!!!!
    Now, we’re BEATEN!
    It is “THEY” who really ARE anonymous!!!
    They are vicious beyond imagination!
    They do NOT forget.
    No, they most certainly do NOT forgive!
    And if you are doing anything AT ALL to end up on their “HIT LIST”,( there IS no way to “dodge” their all seeing eye, online or off!!!)
    …you’d BETTER be “expecting” them!!!

  5. There ARE methods of being absolutely untraceable…
    Unfortunately most Anons are script kiddies.. that is they are just part of the collective hive mind, with little, to no computational structure experience, or programming knowledge to back it up. Im not bashing them, because at least they have the stones to try. Anonymous has very few actual Hats in play. Handful of computational Hats, smoke and mirrors, with script kiddies as soldiers. And its working against all odds. But the name Anonymous betrays them. Script kiddies aren’t trained to be anonymous and they are usually how they find the Hats.

    To Anonymous- keep up the fight, but take some time to learn about concealment. good luck boys.

  6. Fat Albert you are being way too pessimistic and unrealistic. Sure there may be hundreds of monitoring stations with super computers across the globe scanning every single email, text message, youtube comment and blog entry, but they are for the most part operated by normal human beings that pay rent, taxes, feed their families, and suffer the same limitations every other human being suffers. In essence; any such “shadow government” CANNOT push the boundaries of their operations PRECISELY BECAUSE their operatives may have a “moral failure”- returning to their humanness and blowing the whistle on the whole thing. It has happened, it IS happening, and will continue to happen. They don’t want this and therefore cannot just take over the world in one fell swoop. It’s done in stages… and if you ask me; they are failing miserably!

    Look at it this way: countless millions are Awakening to their agenda. Many, MANY brave souls have incarnated into this prison planet and have done profound clearing work on levels that defy comprehension (I will explain that in my articles). In other words, they have the carpet pulled out from underneathe them. On the surface it seems everything is going their way- countless brainwashed masses believing everything they are told to believe. But they have underestimated the Strength of the Human Spirit- there is a tidal wave of transformation about to happen and YOU can be part of the CAUSE if you stop giving them power and believing the doom and gloom they want you to believe.

    For those who enjoy my thoughts and writing style I encourage you to frequent my blog where I unleash powerful shockwaves of truth and levels of understanding that no one else on the planet currently has. Check it out. And remember: the time is NOW

  7. i live in a country full of corrupt political leaders who are using our tax money to in rich themselves south africa is run by corrupted officials and i want to expose them bcoz they are robbing the poor people of my country that i love so much if only i had some help to expose them

  8. The PTB had a head start on 99% of us globally going back a very long time, but a little over 200 years in the USA. Up until the internet they tappen phone and used men in black for anyone they thought could expose them. military intelligence has alway led the way in technology used to infiltrate and spy on nation and persons on interest to them. As the technology got better their ability to track and listen in got better. The technology has got to the point that it takes counter technology to counter their ability to listen in track etc. However, they will have a list of those to watch closely, and other lists that go down to nothing interesting here. They will target groups like Anonymous simply out of curiosity and to learn how they might be getting around their technology. The world is rapidly changing but the one thing that stays the same is wealth, power and control. That’s what it’s all about. One would think so why all the intelligence gathering and the assault on peoples privacy. “Well that is because the wealthy who are in power and control who guide our governments and industry are a bunch of criminals, who have manipulated the populations and infiltrated our governments. They are behind every war, every financial crisis. They have one fear. and that is us, the people. We are the only group on the planet that can knock them off their perch and imprison them. They are so terrified that they have plans for a one world government where we the people will be put in habital zones on 5% of the total real estate, work in factory cities, that they reap all the rewards of and are untouchable. They will govern the population with a military guard in the cities that will shoot anyone who causes any problems. This is all done so the PTB can live without fear of the people, and maintain their wealth hence power and control. The PTB are less than 1% of 1% of the global population, boiling down to a handful of families. Obviously we are talking about some very paranoid people, mental health issues are part in parcel in these families mainly due to incest, keeping the money in the family. There has been an awakening, and masses of people have become aware. The more people are waking up the faster it spreads and it has exceeded the turning point that now the majority know whats going on behind the scenes. If I an aware, then just about everybody must be aware. People are talking, and they are not so eager to accept any government rhetoric especially during the campaigning. The USA is a prime example of a rouge government taking peoples rights and freedoms, setting up military within the borders of the country not to protect against foreign invasion, but to bring in marshal law. That is reason for concern, but like most out of control ego’s their grip on reality is badly skewed and they are in complete denial of the resilience and resistance of the people which they aim to control. It all boils down to awareness and reality. Who has a better grip on it will always come out on top.

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