NEW FILM about Aaron Swartz – Kickstarter launches!


The Writer/Director of We Are Legion the Story of the Hacktivists is currently at work creating a new documentary about the internet visionary and activist Arron Swartz.  Aaron’s powerful story is a poignant chronology of internet history, as well as a story about the cracks in an outdated legal system that lead to such tragic consequences.

If funded, the new documentary will also have an original soundtrack by “We Are Legion” composer John Dragonetti.  The project is an opportunity to explore the influence one incredibly talented programmer and celebrated internet visionary had on the discussion of information access and what his involvement in such a volatile subject means for all internet users.  HELP US MAKE THE FILM!  Support the Kickstarter!


6 thoughts on “NEW FILM about Aaron Swartz – Kickstarter launches!

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